Cengiz Akbulut

I was recently appointed as a research fellow at CARIM. My PhD research will investigate how smooth muscle cell phenotype switching effects microcalcifications. Furthermore I will develop iPSC lines to derive hiPSC-VSMCs for a wider research application within the group of Dr Leon Schurgers.  Previously I obtained my masters in Regenerative Medicine from Barts and The London, QMUL where I obtained my thesis at the William Harvey Heart Centre on the development of a method for the direct reprogramming (transdifferentiation) of fibroblasts to VSMCs. Following this I spent one year as a research assistant at the William Harvey Heart Centre. In 2013 I obtained my bachelors with honours from The University of Aberdeen in Biochemistry (Biobusiness) where I quantified the effect of Nell2 gene KO on development and apoptosis of RGCs. I was born in June 1989 in London, UK.


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