Shailesh Kumar Samal

My name is Shailesh Kumar Samal. I’m 23 and I’m Indian. I obtained my Bachelor of Technology and Master of Technology degree in “Biotechnology” from the School of Biotechnology, KIIT University, India.
During my degree, I also received 2 prestigious International fellowships to study in USA and Portugal. I have worked with Prof. Oliver Smithies (Nobel laureate for Medicine-2007) for 6 months at University of North Carolina, Chapel-Hill, USA. My research goals were more focused towards genetically engineered mouse models to investigate the role of blood pressure and diabetes regulating genes in metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular diseases using gold nanoparticles. Where I have worked with kidney and heart of mouse models. I got another scholarship as a master mobility student for dissertation at FEUP, Universidade Do Porto, Portugal for 10 months under Erasmus Mundus Euphrates scholarship programme with Dr. M Simões. My thesis was on "The role of secondary metabolites and quorum-sensing molecules in biofilm formation by drinking water microorganisms” (Bacteria and Fungi, inter-kingdom relationship).
Some of my previous research projects involved synthesis of metal nanoparticles (Gold and Silver) through biological, chemical routes and to see their antimicrobial effects. I was also successful in developing most sensitive gold staining solutions for gels in gel electrophoresis, which is so sensitive that it can detect less than 0.1 ng of gold in gels with Prof. Oliver Smithies. I was awarded with student of the year 2014 -2015 by KIIT University for my contribution to science and technology.
Besides research I have also developed bio-stripes for the detection of spoilage in fruits, vegetables and packed foods and got several grants from Government of India to commercialize the product. I have Co-founded a company called “InkRUDS Biotech”. I have also received many national recognitions for my company.
I’m so excited to join my new group as an Early Stage Researcher (PhD student) at Karolinska Institutet and at CARIM, Maastricht University under Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellowship.
I’ve always dreamt of being a scientist. I remember how fascinated I was when I was a very young boy thinking why sky is blue, blood is red and grasses are only green. Why not any other colour?? When I grew up I realized that there’s nothing more rewarding and satisfying then helping people recover from their illness and from my point of view this means trying to unravel the mechanisms involved in the genesis of several diseases and to develop new drugs and therapeutic agents to treat them. The most important outcome of my research should not only stay till lab; it should go to the people.
I’m very excited because this project gives me the chance to be involved in a very important and relevant field like atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases, at the same time is an extraordinary opportunity to share knowledge, learn new techniques and improve my skills as a scientist.

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