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Here you will find news and activities about the International Network for Training on Risks of Vascular Intimal Calcification and roads to Regression of Cardiovascular Disease

Scholarship Stefan Reinhold

May 02 - 2018

Stefan Reinhold has been awarded a scholarship for the International Summer School for Doctoral Students entitled “Vascular cell functions in health and diseases”. He is one of the 25 PhD students selected within all applicants from European and Latin America universities. Stefan will represent CARIM and INTRICARE at the Heidelberg Center for Latin America in Santiago de Chile from October 7 to 19, 2018.

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First INTRICARE paper is published

Apr 30 - 2018

Initiation and Propagation of Vascular Calcification is Regulated by a concert of Platelet- and Smooth Muscle Cell-Derived Extracellular Vesicles
It’s a great feeling to have published a review article within the first six months of starting ones PhD. The feeling is still really fresh of having walked into the Biochemistry department of CARIM to start this appointment, with all the excitement, angst, and unknown, of what the next four years will bring. I feel really fortunate and privileged to be able to be part of a publication before even 6 months of my doctorate has begun. The idea behind the review article was suggested and spearheaded by my supervisor Professor Leon Schurgers.

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Lab taster day: Molecular biological research in Medicine

Apr 04 - 2018

On the 13th of March 2018, a trial day for young students interested in doing research took once again place at the Institute for Molecular Cardiovascular Research (IMCAR), University Clinic Aachen. Students from grades 10-13 (age 15-18) were invited to the Institute under the motto:"Molecular biology research in medicine: sounds interesting, but what is it?"

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Shailesh selected as Young Scientist for 68th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting 2018

Mar 02 - 2018

Shailesh Kumar Samal is selected as a Young Scientist for the 68th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting 2018 by the Lindau Nobel comittee. He will represent Karolinska Institutet during this meeting. The committee have selected 600 best Young Scientists from 84 countries to meet 43 Nobel Laureates from 24th June to 29th June. 

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2017 Student Award Maurice Halder

Feb 06 - 2018

Maurice Halder has won one of the 2017 Student Awards of Maastricht University, presented to students who achieved the highest marks for their final theses in 2017.

Thesis title: 'Arterial remodelling: a key player in cardiovascular diseases'

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