Eline Kooi

Prof.dr. M.E. (Eline) Kooi is a professor of Medical Physics, especially vascular imaging, at the department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine within CARIM, Maastricht University Medical Center. Her research is focused on sophisticated multi-modality cardiovascular imaging. Her group is at the international forefront of developing and evaluating imaging techniques to study plaque vulnerability. She has focused on cutting edge imaging of the hallmarks of high-risk plaques in animals and patients. She was the first to demonstrate that plaque inflammation can be visualized in humans. Her group has the unique position of multi-modality imaging of the vessel wall (PET/MRI, ultrasound, CT) in different vascular beds (carotid and coronary arteries, aorta). She is a leading member of the steering committee of a multi-center trial to determine the clinical value of plaque imaging (PARISK). She has published ~100 scientific publications in international peer-reviewed journals. She has successfully completed supervision of 10 PhD students. Currently, she is supervising 7 PhD students and one post-doc student. She is frequently invited as invited speaker and/or moderator at the leading international conferences in her field. She has received numerous research grants.

Supervisor of project 10 - Investigation of plaque vulnerability using Hybrid PET/MR imaging of key aspects of plaque vulnerability in different vascular beds


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