Felix M. Mottaghy

Felix M. Mottaghy gained his MD in 1996 at the RWTH University of Aachen, Germany. He finished his habilitation in 2004. From 2000-2001 he worked as a postdoctoral research fellow at Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA. After leading positions at the Universities of Ulm, Germany and Leuven, Belgium he is since 2009 full Professor of Nuclear Medicine at RWTH Aachen University, Germany and has also an appointment at the University of Maastricht (MUMC+), The Netherlands. His research topics are in the fields of development of radio-pharmaceuticals, translational concepts and (pre-)clinical application of radiolabelled theranostics. He trained PhD students in different countries and was principal investigator and research partner of various clinical and preclinical research programs.

Supervisor of project 11 - Hybrid 18F-sodiumfluoride (NaF) positron emission tomography (PET)/magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for non-invasive identification of microcalcifications as marker of arterial plaque vulnerability in human carotid- and coronary arteries

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