Ulf Hedin

Ulf Hedin did his PhD in vascular cell biology 1989, joined Prof. Jesper Swedenborg at Karolinska University Hospital, for training in vascular surgery in 1991 and completed a fellowship with Prof. Alexander W Clowes, Seattle, WA, USA in 1995-1996. After his return to Karolinska, he started an independent research group and a prospective biobank of carotid endarterectomies (BiKE), an effort which has been recognized world-wide and today enrol centres in the US (Stanford), Canada (Ottawa) and Europe (Germany, Holland, UK) with recent collaborative publications in Nature, Nature Medicine and Nature Communications. The group is dedicated to translational research on cellular and molecular processes in peripheral vascular disease, with focus on mechanisms related to thromboembolic carotid disease.

Hedin was appointed professor in 2003, holds the academic chair of vascular surgery since 2005 and is senior consultant in vascular surgery at the Karolinska University Hospital. He has been on the ESVS council, served on the Swedish Research Council, European Vascular Biology Association, the Research council of Swedish Heart-Lung Foundation, and he is a member of the International Surgical Group and the Research Council of the Lundbeck Foundation.

Supervisor of project 7 – Vascular remodelling: Identification and characterisation of novel vSMCs markers

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