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Here you will find news and activities about the International Network for Training on Risks of Vascular Intimal Calcification and roads to Regression of Cardiovascular Disease

PhD defense Dawid Kaczor

Oct 13 - 2022

On 28 November Dawid Kaczor will defend his thesis 'Inflammatory actions of chemokines and extracellular vesicles in pathological tissue remodeling'.

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PhD defense Marina Heuschkel - 7 September 2022

Jul 13 - 2022

On 7 September Marina Heuschkel will defend his thesis 'Multi-Omics discovery of novel molecular pathways in cardiovascular calcification'.

Thesis defences Shailesh Samal

May 10 - 2022

On 16 May and 2 June Shailesh Samal will defend his thesis ‘Immune Mechanisms and Potential Immunological Treatment in Atherosclerosis’.

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Defense Shruti Bhargava - 21 March 2022

Mar 11 - 2022

On 21 March at 16.00 hours, Shruti Bhargava will defend her thesis 'Identification and characterization of the mediators of the calcification paradox'.

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Defenses Till Seime - 7 & 9 December 2021

Dec 06 - 2021

On 7 December (UM) and 9 December, Till Seime will defend his thesis: THE ROLE OF SMOOTH MUSCLE CELLS IN CALCIFICATION OF ATHEROSCLEROTIC PLAQUES

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