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Here you will find news and activities about the International Network for Training on Risks of Vascular Intimal Calcification and roads to Regression of Cardiovascular Disease

PhD defense Robert Dzhanaev

Aug 16 - 2023

On 12 September Robert Dzhanaev will defend his thesis 'Fetuin-a-based theranostics in ectopic calcification'.

PhD defense Maurice Halder

Aug 03 - 2023

On 5 September, Maurice Halder will defend his thesis 'Dissecting mechanisms of heart failure and in-stent restenosis using fate tracing and scRNA-seq'.

PhD defense Anouk Gentier - 4 April 2023

Mar 08 - 2023

On 4 April Anouk Gentier will defend his thesis 'GLAmorous Protein S'.

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PhD defense Alexandru Florea

Mar 06 - 2023

On 8 March Alexandru Florea will defend his thesis 'SODIUM [18F] FLUORIDE POSITRON EMISSION TOMOGRAPHY for non-invasive identification of micro-calcifications as marker of atherosclerotic plaque vulnerability'.


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PhD defense Cengiz Akbulut

Oct 19 - 2022

On 2 December Cengiz Akbulut will defend his thesis 'Spatiotemporal developmental regulation of atheriosclerosis'.